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I'm a jack of all trades, disguised as a 3D Animator

Sofia in Cambodia

Hi there! My name is Sofia, I am portuguese, I am 29 years old and I have been studying and working on animation for 11 years.

I've loved animation since I was a kid and it brings me a lot of joy to give life to characters. I believe animation is the most powerful and creative tool for touching people's hearts. And isn't that the purpose of life, to feel the most you can? 

You probably came here because of my 3D animation skills, but I am more than that. I am passionate, curious, ambitious. Throughout my life I have tried to take steps towards where I want to be so I have never stopped learning and investing on myself.

I left my country to go study in France when I was 20 years old. I studied at ESMA (École Supérieure de Métiers Artistiques) Toulouse where I got a master's degree in VFX and 3D Animation. I got the chance to co-direct the short film "Mécanique" which was nominated for multiple festivals across the world. You can watch it here:

The day after I graduated I started working at Dwarf Animation Studios in Montpellier, for the TV Series "Apollon le Grillon et les Drôles de Petites Bêtes".

Later, I quit Dwarf and I joined TAT Studios, in Toulouse, where I worked for more than one and half year, on the TV Series "Les As de la Jungle".

Then, I decided to take a break to study, travel the world and to be closer to my family. I went on a 2 months backpacking trip in South East Asia, by myself. Meanwhile covid-19 got in the way so I returned home and started working as a freelancer. 


I worked at Ghost VFX for a year, where I had the chance to work on really amazing projects that you'll soon be able to watch on different platforms. I wanted to enlarge my spectrum of styles and get a hand on VFX/ realistic animations and it was a blast!

I worked for some months remotely for RISE FX, on an Amazon TV series, VFX style.

I worked remotely for Blue Zoo, on an amazing kids show with the cutest and weirdest creatures.

I am waiting for the industry to pick back up its rythm so I am free to work 

Voilá, this sums up who I've been so far. If you want to get in touch, feel free to reach out to me! :)

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